Thursday, 30 October 2008

Disco Fabric.

I've got my hands the new Fabric 43 CD. Its the disco edition with US-born and raised Metro Area taking the reigns. Taking a slice of their favourite and rarest disco tracks they've put together something really special. If you're a fan of the the lush funky sounds that have been sweeping dancefloors worldwide all year get your hands on this definitive selection. Its been on repeat for 3 weeks day time and late night! It's out next week.

The Disco Four Move to the Groove [Instrumental] buy [zsh]
Plez I Can't Stop [Acid Rainforest Mix] buy [zsh]

If you like these sounds you should try and get your hands on the RA 114 by Aeroplane.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Deadbeat Dub.

I bought the new Deadbeat EP 'Roots and Wire' yesterday. The feeling is all dub, from straight up dancehall reggae to earth-moving tribal techno. Its out on Wagon Repair. Strong, deep, weighty sounds. Requires good quality sound reproduction. He's playing Fabric in November.

Deadbeat ft Paul St Hilaire Babylon Correction buy [zsh]
Big congo drum reggae.

Deadbeat Grounation [Berghian Drum Jack] buy [zsh]
Industrial power station techno.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tim G & Steinberg

OK so two of my favourite producers right now are killing it. Following the huge success of Justin Martin's remix of 'Revox' and the chatty underground minimal bleeper hit 'Mr Dry' - check the end of my last mix - Tim G has released an assured big room record on Renaissance. The grooves that his tracks drop into are so strong. I saw him DJ at 54 Commercial Street a month or two ago and his set most of which was recognisably his own production was awesome. Catch him all over London and Berlin right now.

Tim G Creature
buy [zsh]

Next Daniel Steinberg who has a totally pared down jacking sound has just released a sick new track. I posted up the dirty Mexican release 'Cobra Limbos' at the start of August which has been a big party hit. His tracks and this track here is more bumpty electronica than anything. I like the little monologue and groove. Bumpty Bumpty. He's in Manchester on Friday.

Daniel Steinberg Opening Close
buy [zsh]

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


through and through.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Good Times.

Slam City Destroyer [Part 1] [buy] zsh
Good times techno. I love Slam.

Spencer Parker Chiho [Jerome Sydenham remix] [buy] zsh
Good times tech-house. Courtesy of Buzzin' Fly. The banging Jerome Sydenha mix.