Thursday, 31 January 2008


Ethereal Detroit dub techno. Spacey.
Deepchord presents: Echospace Empyrean zsh [buy]

Bit more of a head-nodder!
Deepchord presents: Echospace Abrazas zsh [buy]

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


# Fairly obsessed at the moment with the combination of big rumbling bass and tiny precussion detail. Cue, Peter Grummich and 'Breezin'. Voted ResidentAdvisor's 17th best track of 2007. A track that just washes over you. (Check the B-side 'Fresh Air for Fresh People' for its deeper bass, splurges of waaahs and sporadic rave whistle solos.)

Peter Grummich Breezin zsh [buy]

# Some techy-house I guess. Awesome production from Trentemoller's DJ buddy and fellow great Dane - Tomboy. Whatever it is, its fun. He is also one half of Filur who put out the beautiful sunrise house track 'You & I' a while back.

Tomboy Baffioso zsh [buy]
Filur You & I [Trentemoller Free Dub] zsh [buy]

# And here is a macho, bumpy, jackin house track from Jesse Voorn. Broken down to almost breaking point on the remix here by Tony Senghore.

Jesse Voorn Here It Comes [Tony Senghore's dirty mix] zsh [buy]

Tokyo. January.

* Sven Väth @ Sound of the Eighth Season, Womb (26th January 2008)

Sven Väth. Feel his wrath.

It is always a great feeling to walk into a club and feel a buzz like something epic is about to kick off. Sven Väth has the global following that inspires insanity at every party he plays it seems. I've been a fan of his mixes for a while. His Sound of the Sixth Season is a favourite. The Seasons referring to the summers Cocoon (which started in 2000) has been running for in Ibiza. Touring with his Sound of the Eighth Season mix he was making his regular stop in Tokyo, where he will be opening up a new chapter of Cocoon in April. This was my first time to see him live. Slightly exciting.

By midnight he was already on the decks and easing the assembling masses into a solid groove. Patiently he built his set to fit the atmosphere. Womb had ramped up production with a huge LED light wall behind the DJ booth and strobes dotted everywhere - some hanging down off the ceiling. He rolled through waves of minimal very groovy beats in and out of well known cuts. By 1 or 2 he was getting stuck into the likes of the jangling music box lushness of Lucio Aquilina 'Magic M' - a Cocoon signing from last summer - and the Brodinski banger 'Bad Runner'. Sven played the crowd perfectly. He was attentive, as he strut his stuff around the DJ booth. Chest out taking the love from the Japanese crowd. Around 3ish he took the pace down a little, playing slightly more menacing techno, including the crowd-stirring almost-spooky glockenspiel number by Supermayer, 'Two of Us'.

Every so often Sven released a pressure valve in the club with a long sustained burst of angry loud KKKkkkssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh feedback over the beats. Whenever the energy in the club was peaking - boom- KKKkkkssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh - which was followed normally followed by as much smoke as the clubs techs could release and pandemonium from the clubbers.

Around 4, he decided enough was enough. He up'd the pace and the bass, dropped Alter Ego 'Why Not?' followed by an hour long onslaught of equally nuts, up front tech.yes. The place jumped.

He finished his encore with a remix he co-produced and with Jörn Elling Wuttke and Roman Flügel (Alter Ego) back in 2000 which has just been re-pressed and is re-released this month. Sunpeople 'Check Your Buddha [Sven Vath remix]' [buy]. It also features on Sven's Sound of the Second Season compilation [buy]. You can hear its vintage but it still sounds fresh with a spiritual spacey breakdown and gaining raw bass.

Apparently Sven went on to play the afterparty in a office block basement which Richie Hawtin turned up to play.

Lucio Aquilina Magic M zsh
Supermayer Two of Us zsh
Sunpeople Check Your Buddha (Sven Väth remix) zsh

Friday, 25 January 2008


OK so quickly going to put up some disco for the weekend.
From New York put out on DFA this is Holy Ghost!
Panthers Boglin City [Holy Ghost! Disco dub] zsh
Holy Ghost! Hold On zsh [buy]

And in a similar slightly more jumped up vein - disco jam ban - !!! (pronounced chk chk chk). So good live. Check them out if you get a chance. Infectious off-kilter rolling guitar disco!!!
!!! Yadnus zsh [buy]

I am heading out to Tokyo to see some sumo and also Sven Vath. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

vump. volume 3.

vump. volume 3.
simon knockton: heck, no.

Down-trodden techno and deep house.

1. Larry Head The Sun Can't Compare.
2. Burnski Skip Tha.
3. Kane Roth Fraction [Krikor remix].
4. DJ Remy & Roland Kilkenberg Scrambled [Nathan Fake remix]
5. D.I.M Is You [Brodinski remix].
6. Plasmik Pitch it [Claude Vonstroke remix].
7. Shackleton and Jackson Del Rey Next To Nothing [Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix].
8. Brodinski Bad Runner.
9. Lucio Aquilina Magic M.


through and through.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's Wednesday.

Not feeling massively eloquent. Here is a very random selection.

Manchester acid house classic.
A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray zsh

A 2:30 snippet of a nasty rolling German techno work out from back in 2000.
Oliver Lieb Smoked zsh

And a couple of house tracks from Riton.
Riton Sound of the Studio zsh
Annie Happy Without You [Riton remix] zsh [buy]
New Order Krafty [Riton remix] zsh [buy]

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Brodinski v Yuksek.

Finally some proper-banging-french-house-bangers.
All hail Yuksek and Brodinski!!

Dark steady late night bruiser.
Yuksek Everywhere in Town [Cosmo Vitelli remix] zsh [buy]
Big reverb on a driving bassline.
The Plastics Have You Ever Been [Yuksek remix] zsh [buy]

I love this track!
NAA Na Na/ NAA Na Na/ NAA Na Na/ NAA Na Nerrrr.
The Shoes America [Brodinski remix] zsh [buy]
Breathy vocal sample. Big bass and some nice squelches.
D.I.M Is You [Brodinski remix] zsh [buy]

Annnnd together they made...
Bitche Bitchee Ya Ya Fuck Friend [Yuksek & Brodinski remix] zsh

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

G Whiz.

So it is time. Time to big up my dear friend, DJ companion (the Robot half of Credible Robot Thoughts) and electro funk (harmar) superstar, G Whiz! It is with a deep love of a good funk broken beat, vocoded vocals and appregiated synthesized nonsense that the G Whiz sounds are continually created. As he says himself he is really just "attempting to master the art of tweaking figuratively, literally, and six dimensionally. In one ear, out the other, then back in the same ear, but of someone else, somewhere else, sometime else."

Currently producing sounds as part of Giant Men, Bodybag Slumber Party, Crystal Fighters and DJing as one of the 3 men that brought you vump. volume 2 The Most Delicious. Each group has a rich and varied history and feature on the new soon-to-be-hit TV show Twenty Somethings.

To the music.

Two fine cuts of infectious heart-warming robotic electronica.
G Whiz Want Robot zsh
G Whiz Sound zsh

Two gritty pressings from the Twenty Somethings synth-metal outfit Bodybag Slumber Party.
Bodybag Slumber Party Smoking Jacket zsh
Bodybag Slumber Party Inheritance zsh

That Justice Christmas Mix.

If you haven't heard about it Justice had a mix rejected by the office at Fabric. They were supposed to be putting out FabricLive 37 and it didn't make the cut.

I can see why! Some of the (mostly french) pop in the second half is funny not good! Perhaps not the innovate representation of the French (non)scene* that Fabric were after though.

So Justice put it out to everyone on the EdBanger Christmas card list and obviously its founds itself on the internet.

The Justice FabricLive Christmas Mix
Read about it at Stereogum.

Justice are back on tour this month destroying soundsystem and braincells globally. They'll be in the UK all the way through February.

*As Xavier de Rosnay labels the french new wave house movement of the moment in this video interview. The interviewer is shocking!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Dub Disco.

So I just found this Rustie track off their Jagz The Smack EP. Techy acid dub filth! Check this out right now. Reminiscent of Modeselektor.
Rustie Pendulum zsh [buy]

And on the subject of dub disco, back from the SMD 'Hustler' re-release in November. Shackleton on the remix. Slowed up and stripped down putting the awesome SMD vocal to great effect.
Simian Mobile Disco Hustler [Shackleton remix] zsh [buy]

Somebody turn the bass bin up.

Nasty Acid Claude.

Claude Vonstroke powers into 2008 with a broody ominous techno remix.

Plasmik Pitch It [Claude Vonstroke remix] zsh
(Connaisseur Recordings 2008)

Read about how he created the remix in just 10 easy steps! Comes courtesy of the Modyfier blog.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Web Urbanist.

through and through.

Friday, 11 January 2008

日本. Back in Nippon.

I am back in a very cold Japan after a sick holiday in Thailand. The music out there was not all that and more upsettingly I didn't even fill my walkman with brand spanking new tracks before I went. Error. I did however rediscover a few classic older mixes that are definitely worth props.

James Holden's contribution to the 'At The Controls' series (Resist 2006) [buy]. His travelling-through-space minimalism provided a pretty spot on (and suprisingly vocal) soundtrack for bus journeys.

CD2.03. Motiivi Tuntematon 1939
CD2.15. AFX Everyday

Also the Tiefschwarz's 'Time Warp 06' compilation, [buy] which features massive house tracks from 2006, got a few parties started. I prefer CD2 with its slightly more low key track selection and faultless transitions between moods. From the basketball techno bass of Madga '48 Hours Crack In Your Bass' through the strings and la la la of Roman 'True Love Owes Us Shit' to the other-worldly bleeper of Robert Babicz 'Sonntag' and the incredible incredible incredible incredible sunrise breakdown in Infront1.1 'Freiluft'.

Both are definitely definitely worth checking out.

Cutup Superfag Electro.

I got this Christmas present in my inbox from Dolby Anol. Their remix of everyone's favourite Chromeo track 'Needy Girl'. Cutup Superfag Electro. Their words.

Chromeo Needy Girl [Dolby Anol french mistake]

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Podcast. Resident Advisor. puts out content on all tings techno and deep house from around the world. New music reviews, artist interviews, global club listings and also a heavy podcast feature in a slick looking site. At the moment their Top everything of 2007 are up. From tracks to DJs, remixes to compilations. They also have up a Top 5 list of RA podcast from 2007, which looks a little like this.

5. Anja Schneider
4. Sebo K
3. Dixon
2. Efdemin
1. Joris Voorn

Usually you can only download their latest four podcasts, but for a limit time only you can get hold of this Top 5. Click here to open RA in iTunes. The weekly podcasts are usually (not exclusively) all about the best deep and minimal DJs and the vibes created in the mixes are often both hypnotic and fairly sonorous. They are rarely crazy all out bangers and normally more subtle refined and tasteful affairs. 2007 saw mixes from among others Joakim, Radioclit, Swayzak, Samim, Ame, M.A.N.D.Y., Prins Thomas, Underworld and Alex Smoke.

I really like the current RA084 Trickski podcast. Trickski from Sonar Kollektiv provide a very suitable mix for January. Nothing over stimulating for festively-fried brains. A tight groove. Fairly down-tempo. Restful. Start to finish.

The RA055 Sebo K podcast kicks much harder with some nice techno and one of my favourite (forgotten) vocals of all time on Josh One 'Contemplation'. Open up your mind. I also really like the vocal on the Larry Heard track 'The Sun Can't Compare' towards the end.

The dutch are represented on the RA062 Joris Voorn podcast which is a particulary accessible techno/house mix. It has depth and soul with some nice vocals that keeps the whole thing chugging along rather nicely!

Make sure you download them while you still can.

The Art of Letting Go.

My buddy Hannah's 2007 Top 5.
I promised posts and music from friends with better taste than myself when I started this blog so here is one.

"At some stage in the year I have been obsessed with all these tracks."

Supermayer The Art of Letting Go
(Kompakt 2007)
Lets get to it. Relax. Let me go.
Pop music courtesy of techno-heads Superpitcher and Michael Mayer.

Gaiser v Hearthrob Nasty Girl
(M_nus 2007) [buy]
Severe rumbling bass and dirty vocal.

Justus Köhncke Elan [Prins Thomas remix]
(Kompakt 2007) [buy]
Lush strings and a nice warm bass punching.

Cobblestone Jazz Put The Lime In The Coconut [live]
(Wagon Repair 2007) [buy]
Frantic improvised What three men, a synth, vocoder and some synced-up laptops can really do!

Martin Buttrich Hunter
(Cocoon 2007) [buy]
Undoubtedly one of biggest techno tracks of the year.

You really should buy every single one of these insanely hot tracks pure and uncompressed. [Beatport]
Thanks for the list Hannah.