Tuesday, 15 January 2008

G Whiz.

So it is time. Time to big up my dear friend, DJ companion (the Robot half of Credible Robot Thoughts) and electro funk (harmar) superstar, G Whiz! It is with a deep love of a good funk broken beat, vocoded vocals and appregiated synthesized nonsense that the G Whiz sounds are continually created. As he says himself he is really just "attempting to master the art of tweaking figuratively, literally, and six dimensionally. In one ear, out the other, then back in the same ear, but of someone else, somewhere else, sometime else."

Currently producing sounds as part of Giant Men, Bodybag Slumber Party, Crystal Fighters and DJing as one of the 3 men that brought you vump. volume 2 The Most Delicious. Each group has a rich and varied history and feature on the new soon-to-be-hit TV show Twenty Somethings.

To the music.

Two fine cuts of infectious heart-warming robotic electronica.
G Whiz Want Robot zsh
G Whiz Sound zsh

Two gritty pressings from the Twenty Somethings synth-metal outfit Bodybag Slumber Party.
Bodybag Slumber Party Smoking Jacket zsh
Bodybag Slumber Party Inheritance zsh

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