Monday, 31 March 2008

Podcast. 2020 Soundsystem.

The Yorkshire based deep house label 2020 Vision founded by Basics resident Ralph Lawson is (as you may have noticed) a favourite imprint of mine. They represent what British deep house is. Evolving, jacking and emotive, groove-driven, soulful dance music. From rich, organic and melodic textures to brain blagging digital nonsense. From the Basics heavyweights of Ralph Lawson and Paul Woolford to bass chugging Burnski, Ralph's live show 2020Soundsystem and the digitally jacking Audio....jack. The podcast is 22 episodes old right now and features a selection of live and studio mixes from 2020 artists. I checked it out a few weeks ago before going to to see Paul Woolford in Tokyo and loved the Simon Baker episode 21 mix. Paul Woolford who released his new album 'The Truth' a couple of weeks ago rocked Womb and has subsequently posted that live mix as the new episode. Slightly creamed myself!

So the Simon Baker (#21) march episode is an expertly mixed developing work out. A definitive deep house mix. Check this sample from the 45 minute mark.
2020#21 Simon Baker sample zsh

Wooly blew the crowd in Womb away so if you are hearing the hype around his new album and want to hear what this veteran DJ has to offer definitely check out the mix. The sample below is from the start of the recording just as Wooly was starting to up the ante!
2020#22 Paul Woolford live @ Womb, Tokyo sample zsh

Crack open iTunes and subscribe or sign up on the 2020 Vision website and download the full mixes from there.


I first saw James Zabiela in the grounds of Lord Lichfield's Shugborough Hall at a Renaissance party back in 2004. It was just when he was hitting the scene being championed by Sasha as the next big thing. You could feel his unique talent standing in a 5000 person tent watching him scratch trance tracks on CDJs into his progressive house and breaks set. The soundsystem wasn't great as well or at least had had its volume cut because of licensing and sound complaints from the villages surrounding, but still you could hear that this was something different and special.

I found this old live set on my computer. Its well worth listening to. A true master of Pioneer CD decks and FXs.
James Zabiela live @ Monkey Business, Oslo

01. Aphex Twin Windowlicker [Kreice Remix]
02. ?
03. Michael Gray The Weekend [Nic Fanciulli Mix]
04. Darko Pinx
05. Bizarre Groove Weightless World [EK Remix]
06. Chable & Fernandez Before You Beat My Box
07. The Prodigy Poison [JZ Edit]
08. Chable & Fernandez Before You Beat My Box
09. Lee Coombs Breakfast of Champions
10. Nicolas Vallee Theme From Silvertone [Black Jack]

Saturday, 22 March 2008


This blog house banger has been putting a massive smile on my face.
The Presets My People [D.I.M. remix] zsh

And I also LOVE this 20:20 track from Leeds boys Audiojack. Nicely jacking. The track takes centre place in my vv05 mix.
Audiojack Ameoba [buy] zsh


Parisian techno stalwart Shonky breathes some digital filth.
Shonky Olympia [buy] zsh

Friday, 21 March 2008

vump. volume 5.

vump. volume 5.


1. Poxymusic War Paint [Claude Vonstroke remix]
2. Jamie Jones Amazon
3. Josh Wink Swirl
4. Fong Are You Lost?
5. Popof Alcoolic [Matt Tolfrey & Inexec’s Priorites mix]
6. Style of Eye Fick
7. Audiojack Ameoba
8. Dennis Ferrer Son of Raw [Loco Dice remix]
9. Jamie Jones Harajuku
10. Q Lazarus Goodbye Horses [Krikor edit]

Thursday, 20 March 2008

vump. volume 4.

vump. volume 4.


1. Schatrax Mispent Years
2. Alex Smoke Always and Forever [Vapid mix]
3. Alex Metirc Holding [Dani Koenig remix]
4. Slam Azure [Part 1]
5. Radio Slave Screaming hands [Cosmo Vitelli's Radioaktivitat remix]
6. Len Faki Odyssee II
7. Jamie Jones Panama
8. Aril Birkha Berghain
9. Penner & Mulder Are You Lost

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Underworld Jumbo [Futureshock Worlds Apart Vox mix] zsh

Just been listening to an old Fergie mix that he did for DJ Mag a while back. The mix was part of their DJ Allstars series. The mix is supposedly what the Northern Irish ex-Radio1 DJ would play at a house party. Its mostly classic house and techno including everyone's 90s favourites Underworld, Leftfield and Slam. That Underworld track was definitely my favourite song in the world ever when I first hear the mix.

Fergie DJ Mag Allstars Mix 07.2004
1. Josh One Contemplation (King Britt Funke Remix)
2. X-Press 2 Muzik X-Press
3. Moonchild V.O.A.T.
4. South Street Player (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind?
5. Leftfield Open Up
6. Underworld Jumbo (Futureshock Words Apart Vox Mix)
7. Psycatron Seventh Morning / Kats & Styles Presents 9 Mile Town Alter Ego
8. Futureshock The Question
9. Slam Positive Education / Said To Motherland
10. Fergie Spin Energy (Gleave & Johnston Remix)
11. Hardfloor Acperience
12. Gleave Dobbin & Phil Johnston Hardcore Motherfucker

I've got a few more recent mixes to post up very shortly so watch this space.

Friday, 14 March 2008


Q Lazarus Goodbye Horses [Krikor edit] [buy] zsh
Theres one copy of this vinyl for sale on discogs marketplace.
Re-edited by Krikor the '91 original features on the Silence of The Lambs soundtrack. Only 1000 copies were pressed of this new edit, which is actually a B side to a Pilooski edit I haven't heard - The The 'Giant'.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Deepest Part of the Ocean.

Even more unbelievable New York disco house.
This time from Kelley Polar.
Kelley Polar A Feeling From The All-Thing [buy] zsh

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Podcast. Fabric.

The sporadic Fabric podcast as you'd imagine is rather good. The format lets a music demi-god (or 'music luminaries' as fabric calls them) take the controls for 45 minute and introduce part of their musical story. I love hearing artists' influences and these shows let said artists dust off their classic old vinyl and tell you all about why it matters. The series is still pretty young, but so far they have had Andrew Weatherall, Doc Scott, Craig Richards, Jonny Trunk and Ross Allen present. At only 45 minutes they are a perfect commuting soundtrack especially if you're bored of your current music and need some old school inspiration.

Andrew Weatherall who's continual musical reincarnations span nearly two decades years looks back at the rockabilly and punk that influenced him. Craig Richards digs into his rare groove and soul back catalogue playing almost entirely tracks from the 60s and 70s. Doc Scott's I liked the most banging out everything from classic Chicago house to classic 80s hiphop, Pink Floyd to Kraftwerk. Jonny Trunk I'd never heard of before - apparently he is the man in charge of Trunk Records and their specialist London music shop. He presented a slice of that sound that focuses on vintage soundtrack rarities. And most recently A&R man and Giles Peterson-esque Sunday Best DJ Ross Allen takes controls presenting more rare groove treats.

Click here to stream the podcasts from the Fabric website or here to load up iTunes and subscribe.

Monday, 10 March 2008


Macho solider house. This track opens the RA. 90 mix mixed by DJ a called Sasso. Its warm digital house. Have a listen before it gets archived next week.
Poxymusic War Paint ft Gina Mitchell [Claude Vonstroke remix] [buy] zsh

Friday, 7 March 2008


OK this post is all about feel-good organic electro and disco.

OK first up Hercules & Love Affair. DFA's new big thing by all accounts. There seems to be a lot of noise about them. Quite rightly as well. I am loving their album. Its been produced by original U.N.K.L.E drummer Tim Goldsworthy. Its nice to hear Anthony Hegarty on some funkier material than him and the Johnsons. 'Blind' os the album hit but loving 'Time Will' and the stupidly funky 'Hercules' Theme' are favourites as well.
Hercules & Love Affair Blind [buy] zsh

Next up I am really liking this Boys Noize epic. (I heard it on APR 25 – if you still haven’t check this perfect podcast out click the link on the right and have a listen). Its over 12 minutes long. It sounds like classic Chemical Brothers. Great emotive accessible dance music. With a couple of other remixes doing the rounds at the moment from Boys Noize that are less noisy and more organic – Cut Copy's Lights & Music and Snoop Dogg’s Sensual Seduction – is this the future of the new wave electro DJs? Filters off.
Apparat Arcadia [Boys Noize remix] zsh

This is sweet organic electro as well. Quick paced with fresh rising synths and making the most of sampling the sick Free Blood lyric.
Free Blood Never Heard Surf Music Again [Adventures Close To Home remix] [buy] zsh

Getting even more funky is this infectious disco electro track.
Mock & Toof Big Hands [buy] zsh

And I watched the bizarrely awkward 'Eagle v Shark' the other day which reminded me of this 80s banger.
David Bowie Let’s Dance zsh

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

All alone.

Fairly self-explanatory techno from Jamie Jones here. Join the funny internal monologue of an early morning clubber. Loving the prelude to this - 'Should Have Gone Home' - as well.
Jamie Jones Can't Believe I'm Still Here [buy] zsh

Actually its not that much a monologue. Check this old Loco Dice track for a funny monologue. Just the kind of thing you want to hear come silly o'clock.
Loco Dice Phat Dope Shit [Timo Maas mix] zsh

Monday, 3 March 2008

European Bob.

The Streets Weak Become Heros zsh
I realise five years went by and I'm older.
3.3.2003 - 3.3.2008

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sensual Seduction.

through and through.