Monday, 31 March 2008

Podcast. 2020 Soundsystem.

The Yorkshire based deep house label 2020 Vision founded by Basics resident Ralph Lawson is (as you may have noticed) a favourite imprint of mine. They represent what British deep house is. Evolving, jacking and emotive, groove-driven, soulful dance music. From rich, organic and melodic textures to brain blagging digital nonsense. From the Basics heavyweights of Ralph Lawson and Paul Woolford to bass chugging Burnski, Ralph's live show 2020Soundsystem and the digitally jacking Audio....jack. The podcast is 22 episodes old right now and features a selection of live and studio mixes from 2020 artists. I checked it out a few weeks ago before going to to see Paul Woolford in Tokyo and loved the Simon Baker episode 21 mix. Paul Woolford who released his new album 'The Truth' a couple of weeks ago rocked Womb and has subsequently posted that live mix as the new episode. Slightly creamed myself!

So the Simon Baker (#21) march episode is an expertly mixed developing work out. A definitive deep house mix. Check this sample from the 45 minute mark.
2020#21 Simon Baker sample zsh

Wooly blew the crowd in Womb away so if you are hearing the hype around his new album and want to hear what this veteran DJ has to offer definitely check out the mix. The sample below is from the start of the recording just as Wooly was starting to up the ante!
2020#22 Paul Woolford live @ Womb, Tokyo sample zsh

Crack open iTunes and subscribe or sign up on the 2020 Vision website and download the full mixes from there.

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