Friday, 7 March 2008


OK this post is all about feel-good organic electro and disco.

OK first up Hercules & Love Affair. DFA's new big thing by all accounts. There seems to be a lot of noise about them. Quite rightly as well. I am loving their album. Its been produced by original U.N.K.L.E drummer Tim Goldsworthy. Its nice to hear Anthony Hegarty on some funkier material than him and the Johnsons. 'Blind' os the album hit but loving 'Time Will' and the stupidly funky 'Hercules' Theme' are favourites as well.
Hercules & Love Affair Blind [buy] zsh

Next up I am really liking this Boys Noize epic. (I heard it on APR 25 – if you still haven’t check this perfect podcast out click the link on the right and have a listen). Its over 12 minutes long. It sounds like classic Chemical Brothers. Great emotive accessible dance music. With a couple of other remixes doing the rounds at the moment from Boys Noize that are less noisy and more organic – Cut Copy's Lights & Music and Snoop Dogg’s Sensual Seduction – is this the future of the new wave electro DJs? Filters off.
Apparat Arcadia [Boys Noize remix] zsh

This is sweet organic electro as well. Quick paced with fresh rising synths and making the most of sampling the sick Free Blood lyric.
Free Blood Never Heard Surf Music Again [Adventures Close To Home remix] [buy] zsh

Getting even more funky is this infectious disco electro track.
Mock & Toof Big Hands [buy] zsh

And I watched the bizarrely awkward 'Eagle v Shark' the other day which reminded me of this 80s banger.
David Bowie Let’s Dance zsh

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