Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Podcast. Fabric.

The sporadic Fabric podcast as you'd imagine is rather good. The format lets a music demi-god (or 'music luminaries' as fabric calls them) take the controls for 45 minute and introduce part of their musical story. I love hearing artists' influences and these shows let said artists dust off their classic old vinyl and tell you all about why it matters. The series is still pretty young, but so far they have had Andrew Weatherall, Doc Scott, Craig Richards, Jonny Trunk and Ross Allen present. At only 45 minutes they are a perfect commuting soundtrack especially if you're bored of your current music and need some old school inspiration.

Andrew Weatherall who's continual musical reincarnations span nearly two decades years looks back at the rockabilly and punk that influenced him. Craig Richards digs into his rare groove and soul back catalogue playing almost entirely tracks from the 60s and 70s. Doc Scott's I liked the most banging out everything from classic Chicago house to classic 80s hiphop, Pink Floyd to Kraftwerk. Jonny Trunk I'd never heard of before - apparently he is the man in charge of Trunk Records and their specialist London music shop. He presented a slice of that sound that focuses on vintage soundtrack rarities. And most recently A&R man and Giles Peterson-esque Sunday Best DJ Ross Allen takes controls presenting more rare groove treats.

Click here to stream the podcasts from the Fabric website or here to load up iTunes and subscribe.

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