Friday, 11 January 2008

日本. Back in Nippon.

I am back in a very cold Japan after a sick holiday in Thailand. The music out there was not all that and more upsettingly I didn't even fill my walkman with brand spanking new tracks before I went. Error. I did however rediscover a few classic older mixes that are definitely worth props.

James Holden's contribution to the 'At The Controls' series (Resist 2006) [buy]. His travelling-through-space minimalism provided a pretty spot on (and suprisingly vocal) soundtrack for bus journeys.

CD2.03. Motiivi Tuntematon 1939
CD2.15. AFX Everyday

Also the Tiefschwarz's 'Time Warp 06' compilation, [buy] which features massive house tracks from 2006, got a few parties started. I prefer CD2 with its slightly more low key track selection and faultless transitions between moods. From the basketball techno bass of Madga '48 Hours Crack In Your Bass' through the strings and la la la of Roman 'True Love Owes Us Shit' to the other-worldly bleeper of Robert Babicz 'Sonntag' and the incredible incredible incredible incredible sunrise breakdown in Infront1.1 'Freiluft'.

Both are definitely definitely worth checking out.

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