Sunday, 6 January 2008

Podcast. Resident Advisor. puts out content on all tings techno and deep house from around the world. New music reviews, artist interviews, global club listings and also a heavy podcast feature in a slick looking site. At the moment their Top everything of 2007 are up. From tracks to DJs, remixes to compilations. They also have up a Top 5 list of RA podcast from 2007, which looks a little like this.

5. Anja Schneider
4. Sebo K
3. Dixon
2. Efdemin
1. Joris Voorn

Usually you can only download their latest four podcasts, but for a limit time only you can get hold of this Top 5. Click here to open RA in iTunes. The weekly podcasts are usually (not exclusively) all about the best deep and minimal DJs and the vibes created in the mixes are often both hypnotic and fairly sonorous. They are rarely crazy all out bangers and normally more subtle refined and tasteful affairs. 2007 saw mixes from among others Joakim, Radioclit, Swayzak, Samim, Ame, M.A.N.D.Y., Prins Thomas, Underworld and Alex Smoke.

I really like the current RA084 Trickski podcast. Trickski from Sonar Kollektiv provide a very suitable mix for January. Nothing over stimulating for festively-fried brains. A tight groove. Fairly down-tempo. Restful. Start to finish.

The RA055 Sebo K podcast kicks much harder with some nice techno and one of my favourite (forgotten) vocals of all time on Josh One 'Contemplation'. Open up your mind. I also really like the vocal on the Larry Heard track 'The Sun Can't Compare' towards the end.

The dutch are represented on the RA062 Joris Voorn podcast which is a particulary accessible techno/house mix. It has depth and soul with some nice vocals that keeps the whole thing chugging along rather nicely!

Make sure you download them while you still can.

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