Tuesday, 29 January 2008


# Fairly obsessed at the moment with the combination of big rumbling bass and tiny precussion detail. Cue, Peter Grummich and 'Breezin'. Voted ResidentAdvisor's 17th best track of 2007. A track that just washes over you. (Check the B-side 'Fresh Air for Fresh People' for its deeper bass, splurges of waaahs and sporadic rave whistle solos.)

Peter Grummich Breezin zsh [buy]

# Some techy-house I guess. Awesome production from Trentemoller's DJ buddy and fellow great Dane - Tomboy. Whatever it is, its fun. He is also one half of Filur who put out the beautiful sunrise house track 'You & I' a while back.

Tomboy Baffioso zsh [buy]
Filur You & I [Trentemoller Free Dub] zsh [buy]

# And here is a macho, bumpy, jackin house track from Jesse Voorn. Broken down to almost breaking point on the remix here by Tony Senghore.

Jesse Voorn Here It Comes [Tony Senghore's dirty mix] zsh [buy]

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