Tuesday, 15 January 2008

That Justice Christmas Mix.

If you haven't heard about it Justice had a mix rejected by the office at Fabric. They were supposed to be putting out FabricLive 37 and it didn't make the cut.

I can see why! Some of the (mostly french) pop in the second half is funny not good! Perhaps not the innovate representation of the French (non)scene* that Fabric were after though.

So Justice put it out to everyone on the EdBanger Christmas card list and obviously its founds itself on the internet.

The Justice FabricLive Christmas Mix
Read about it at Stereogum.

Justice are back on tour this month destroying soundsystem and braincells globally. They'll be in the UK all the way through February.

*As Xavier de Rosnay labels the french new wave house movement of the moment in this video interview. The interviewer is shocking!


Bubba said...

the mix is shite, well easy listening at best. its like their essential mix too.

si said...

Yeah dude it is, isn't it. As they said themsleves "I guess a lot of people will hate it. If you look at the tracklist for the first time, it can look like the worst tracklist ever. Especially for French people."

It doesn't get better when you look at the tracklist for a second time or listen to the mix!