Sunday, 3 August 2008

Win Fabric Tickets.

To celebrate getting back into vump. I've got hold of a pair of tickets to give away for next Saturday's Fabric which includes a rather silly array of stella DJs.

Room 1 see Sebo K and Rekid-head Radio Slave line up with resident Craig Richards. Room 2 hosts the electronic music stalwarts of Andrew Weatherall, Terry Francis and Optimo. And in room 3 Leeds head Tristan Da Cunha goes head to head with Greg Wilson. INTENSE!

Radio Slave Bell Clap Dance [Sebo K remix] zsh
Fred Everything Huggin & Kissin [Greg Wilson edit] zsh

To win tickets all you have to do is email with the answer to the follwing question. Which DJ in that line-up has put out the latest 2020vision mix? Shouldn't be too challenging. First person to email gets a prize!

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Mathieu said...

Pretty nice to listen on a beach, you know it!