Monday, 5 January 2009

John Tedaja.

Happy New Year! One of my New Year resolutions is to post more tracks, more often and to that end I have an exclusive quick fire interview with Detroit techno legend John Tedaja.

His beautiful Fabric 44 mix is realeased next Monday. John has had an insanely varied musical career and you can hear the weight of his sublime musical talent in his often seminal techno production, re-edits and DJ mixes. The tracks on this Fabric mix are subtly edited and mixed with beautiful precision. Real deep techno. I really didn't realise what a fan of John's label Palette I was until hearing it. The first track Dave Huges' 'Let's Do It' was one of my favourite tracks in Autumn.

Definitely get hold of this mix.

Who is your biggest Musical Influence?
Probably Kraftwerk since they've been around my whole life.

Which club had the best soundsystem you've ever played on?
Two places that come to mind are Yellow in Tokyo (which has closed it's doors) and Fabric.
[I was lucky enough to see Cobbleston Jazz, Pier Bucci and Damien Lazarus at various Real Groove parties at Yellow last year before it shut - the soundsystem was unreal. John actually did a Palette mix for Real Groves this time last year.]

Where is the best atmosphere at a party, ever?
That's difficult to answer. Anywhere that's comfortable to be in where great music is playing and people are having fun.

Which of your fellow DJs do you most enjoy to hear play?
Daniel Bell and Marc Schneider.

What is your favourite album that you listen to to unwind?
At the moment Fennesz "Black Sea".

Which is your most significant Palette release?
Palette 39 "The End Of It All"

What for you was the most seminal 80's hip-hop track?
Probably Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force "Planet Rock."

What was the heaviest techno track of 2008?
Byetone "Plastic Star"

What's your favourite current label; apart from your own?
Raster Noton

Who is the biggest unsung hero of Detroit?
Daniel Bell

A couple of samples from tracks in the Fabric mix.
Dave Hugh Lets Do It [buy] [zsh]
Palette All-stars Downtown Hotel [buy] [zsh]

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