Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chris Alexander.

Warming up the upstairs on Friday is Chris Alexander.
Chris nails deep ethereal house and techno better than most.

New Family mix

1. Move D & Benjamin Brunn Velvet Paws /Smallvile
2. Mortiz Von Oswald Watamu Beach (rework) /Desolat
3. Minilogue & Kab thats a nice way to give me feedback (wighnomy brothers quintenzirkel remikks) /Audiobahn
4. DJ Koze I want to sleep /IRR
5. Pantha du prince Butterfly Girl /DIAL
6. Slowhouse Untitled /Slowhouse
7. Efdemin America /Culre
8. Parallel 9 Technique /Artless
9. Havantepe Air /Styrax leaves
10. Denis Karimani wahrheit /DIAL
11. Portable Release /Perlon
12. Thomas Melchior Who can find me (I can't) /Cadenza
13. Fred P "Project 02" /Underground Quality

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