Wednesday, 19 December 2007


OK so top musical moments from the last 12 months. I didn't really know how to even start working out which tracks I like the most but have trawled my brain and more usefully my computer so here it is.

Top 5 tracks.
So in reserve order. Burial Untrue is beautifully sad. Sonntag is two years old but I loved this soulful bleeper all year. Matthew Dear's off beat narrative is sexy and too catchy.
And so number 2, Shebag. No-one can argue with how good Chromophobia was. I have had many arguments about Shebang being the best track from it though. Wait for the break. It cannot be beaten. And number one, best track of 2007 is a ridiculous Hot Chip remix. They've put out so many incredible and pretty varied remixes this year and this uses the celestial vocal from Chungking's lead singer Jessie Banks. This song cannot not affect you.

1. Chungking Voodoo [Hot Chip remix] [buy]
Gui Borrato Shebang [buy]
3. Matthew Dear Don and Sherri [click for M.A.N.D.Y.'s remix] [buy]
4. Robert Babicz Sonntag (out in 2005, but couldn't be anymore 2007, for me anyway) [buy]
5. Burial Untrue [buy]

Top 3
Minimal made sense in Ibiza. No question. The Gui and Robert Babicz tracks above will forever take me back to the villa parties. The Konrad Black remix, Pier Bucci and Lucio Aquilina track will take me back to the Monza. That and Samim.

1. Snax Honeymoon Over [Konrad Black remix] [buy]
2. Pier Bucci Hey Consuelo [buy]
3. Lucio Acquilina Magic M [buy]

Top 3 Tech.yes.
Those untasteful all out brain bangers!

1. Dusty Kid The Kitten [buy]
2. Unique 3 The Theme Rhythamtic remix] [buy]
3. Meat Katie & D Ramirez ft Odissi Stop The Revolution [Jamie Mchugh remix] [buy]

Top 5 House tracks.
From deep to techy and back to jackin'. Paul Woolford I love (Basics til I die). Also fell in love with Jesse Rose's (a-hem) fidgit house - his spliced up funk vocals are naiiiice. Trentemoller is trentemoller. "Constantly thinking about you. And I can't get through this at all". Shackleton is filth. And that Robosonic track (actually a end of 2006 track) has a wicked vocal. There were many more.

1. Paul Woolford Lies [buy]
2. Robosonic Yasmin [buy]
3. Trentemoller Moan [Trentemoller remix] [buy] [video]
4. Jesse Rose A Sided [buy]
5. Shackleton ft Jackon Del Ray Next to Nothing [Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts mix] [buy]

New wave nonsense Top 4 .
Love the Dragonette vocal and Felix Cartel's grit. Kissy's synth lines blew everyone away. Hadouken! are loud. And for pure comedy value Trash Fashion. Special because I have two mates called Dave and because one of the Dave's broke on the stage and on to the mic at Dogtooth when Trash Fashion were breaking out that track. It was a r***.

1. Dragonette Take It Like a Man [Felix Cartel remix] [buy]
2. Kissy Sell Out Harriet [Kissy's Special Annie Mac edit] [buy]
3. Hadouken! That Boy That Girl [buy]
4. Trash Fashion It's a Rave Dave [buy]

Top 3 Credible Robot Thoughts DJ tracks.
From our DJ sets from the first half of 2007. Baltimoroder's filthy remix, Fiest's perfect vocal got sampled heavily, and The Cure's F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I...R...Oh.

1. Fiest My Mooan My Man [Boys Noize remix] [buy]
2. Alter Ego v Lil Keke Ghost Musick [Baltimoroder remix] [buy]
3. The Cure Fire In Cairo [Digitalism remix] [buy]

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