Thursday, 6 December 2007

Boy 8-bit. On Fire.

I LOVE BOY 8-BIT! This was going to be a post about Devil's Gun who he remixed at the back end of the the summer, but then I realised their sound is just boring 90s big beat and that I was in love with Boy 8-bit. So instead heres a post dedicated to Boy 8-bit's most recent output.

Devil's Gun Gold Dust [Boy 8-bit remix]

He's also put out an unofficial remix of a track off Burial's new album. Not massively altered, but just beefed up to play in a club.

Burial Archangel [Boy 8-bit simple remix]

And then there is THIS.
I just found this on his Myspace. Now I've heard this in a club somewhere, sometime I'm sure. Check this. This is sick funk.

Human Leauge / Jodeci Baltimore * The Things That Freaks Are Made of [Boy 8-bit mashup]
* Not totally clear that is what the track is called.

And another absolutely banger. Racing high end Kissy synth line and chopped up vocals.

Pomofomo Back At The Club [Boy 8-bit remix]

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