Friday, 14 December 2007

Rub n Tug.

The Rub n Tug Fabric installment wasn't an immediate hit with me. It took a few listen to really get in to. But ever since I did get into it it has been one of my favourites. Its a beardy New York trip through very housey house music. Its kind of epic in a solid every track is solid type of way. Its got a good acid house feel as well. RnT reference music from across the board, from 60s rock n roll to housed out hip-hop numbers in their mixes and production. Renowned for throwing all night New York parties they love to get stuck into playing long long sets playing their full music collection. Although I've never seen them DJ live (would love to) their sick eclectic tastes are obvious in what they've recorded. Check.

David Glimour Crack House Warning Party [Rub n Tug remix]
Chicago Transit Authority I'm A Man [Rub n Tug remix]
Sly Mongoose Snakes and Ladder [Rub n Tug remix]

I really like this track off their Fabric CD [buy].
Dondolo Dragon [Shit Robot 'Breathing Fire' remix]*
(Tiny Sticks 2006)
*ripped from the mix

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