Thursday, 7 February 2008

Looking back.

Trying to track down a good quality copy of Schatrax 'Mispent Years' yesterday I stumbled across the Soma record shop. In their back catalogue they don't have the 1998 original but some Soma remixes. It seems the original hasn't been re-released digitally. So I bought a FLAC copy of the 'Josh Beat Adjustment Mix' as this sounds the closest to the original I think. The Silicone Soul and Funk D'void versions are a bit housey. I wish I used vinyl. Anyway getting sucking into the Soma collection I also found some nice Alex Smoke which was released about this time last year. This track Primia Materia is Soma gold. Liking the B side, Always & Forever [Vapid mix] as well.

Alex Smoke Primia Materia [Abort mix] [buy] zsh
Schatrax Mispent Years [Josh Beat Adjustment mix] [buy] zsh

You can now subscribe to Soma and receive every digital release they put out for the next 6 months for £19. You also get to pick 10 tracks from their back catalogue as well and some podcasts are thrown in too. The MP3s on the site are only 192kbs though so to get higher quality tracks you've got to pay £24 for a FLAC subscription. Cunning. Still getting 10 perfect sounded Soma classics alone for just £24 is probably just about worth it.

In other news, Azzido da Bass 'Dooms Night' has been re-released with 6 new remixes and the big Timo Maas version that did the rounds back in 2000. This track did go off in clubs back then, but do we really need it again? It is the kind of track that was sick the first few times, then inevitably got over played, wasn't that great and got boring. Now it just sounds dated.

Switch takes the unmistakable build up and drops into a standard dubby house track untouched. Laidback Luke and Crookers build more convincing electro house versions. The Crookers cut gets satisfyingly squelchy and filtered and takes the piss with a hum along vocal. Azzido da Bass themselves spin up the breakdown. There is a Lexy & K-Paul almost progressive house version. And then there is the Radioslave tech house version which makes the least reference to the original and is definitely my favourite. I just find this track really annoying and 6 new remixes and the thought of DJs playing this track again (in any form) really grates me. Unlike Schatrax its not a timeless record and enough time has not gone by to pass this off as a forgot classic. No its not classic and neither are the remixes. I wouldn't check this one out.

Azzido Da Bass Dooms Night [Crookers remix]
[buy] zsh

What is both classic and timeless is Kevin Saunderson 1988 house track 'Big Fun' which Simian Mobile Disco have recently remixed. Bringing it up-to-date with some patient rounder electronics and echoed SMD reverb they did a good job of conserving the soul of this piece of house heritage.

Kevin Saunderson ft Inner City Big Fun [Simian Mobile Disco remix] [buy] zsh

Check the hi-tech video for the original.

Let me know your thoughts. Maybe you think Schatrax is boring, Big Fun cheesy and the Switch remix of Doooooooms Night is rocking your world.
Hope not.


si said...

So as soon as I posted that I found SCHATRAX.COM! They have released a load of their original old tracks for peferct digital download. Buy a bunch for £10.

dalston shopper said...

That SMD remix of Big Fun is so going to be played out at my birthday rave next week!! So amazing.

John said...

thanks to everyone. i really love misspent years and after my old hard drive crashed I thought i had lost it forever.