Friday, 15 February 2008

The Quaterly Review.

vump. recently turned 3 months old - a milestone in a young blog's life! So I thought it was time for a little reflection and a Top 5.

5. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool


This is the best steal I've had from vump.s sister blog Plastic Cowboys (check out the face lift). Bright young indie kids cover Rhianna.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool Umbrella

4. Tucker


A complete random find at Sonar 2006. Managed to catch him again in Tokyo back in November. Most talented freak in the world.

3. Vintage

[mathew jonson.]

Have loved some of the corking older tracks.
Expect more classics. I am fully indulging in the current mass dance music nostalgia.
Mathew Jonson Marionette zsh
Rolando Knights of the Jaguar zsh
Cylob Foid zsh

2. ArePeopleReal

[podcast. arepeoplreal.]

wanted to try and review as many podcasts as possible when I started this blog but very quickly found ArePeopleReal and got stuck with hours of wicked programming from The Broken Hookers. Entertaining indie and fine electronic cuts fill the space between mixes from themselves and an up and coming guest in each episode. The whole show has fantastic range covering the intersection of indie and dance, new and old that was so strong last year.

Here is a sample of the podcast, which I wrote about in the original post.
Right at the end of ArePeopleReal 17 [which featured a Brødinski guest mix].

"...this is a northern coast, a viking coast, and the noise that drifted up was viking music, table thumping music..."

Spoken word into heavy dub step.
Rob Hindle Buenos Aires 2am (Read By Jonathan Tafler) & Skream Bahl Fwd zsh

Chatting to The Broken Hookers since that post they told me the spoken word passage was a B side they'd found on a Lindstrøm (and Solale) EP called 'Let It Happen'. [buy] Both sides of that vinyl appear on Lindstrøm's 'LateNightTales' compilation.

1. CroMagnon

[sendai. september.]

Another awe-inspiring Japanese act. There is something about the full commitment of Japanese artists to their trade. This 4 piece disco funk jam phenomenon are one of the coolest live acts I've ever seen. Thank you Yuzo for taking me!

[years gone by.]
I put up a bit of background in my first post so if you've just stumbled across this blog, or have been watching it lately the first post was a bit about me and why I am often to be found dancing to electronic music.