Thursday, 7 February 2008


In the red corner Front Room defector now fighting for the American Dirtybird we have British producer Riva Starr and his track 'Bubble'. In the blue corner fighting for Jesse Rose's Front Room we have label mainstay, jackin' housers Deadset with a live version of Brazil '70.

Riva Starr Bubble [buy] zsh
Deadset Brazil '70 [Live and Alive version][buy] zsh

Riva Starr is just about to put out a new EP, this time on Southern Fried. He put a mix together for Discobelle to celebrate. Deadset are realising exclusive digital EPs every month throughout 2008 in a series they are calling '12 Months of Deadset'. The above live track is one of two exclusive January Deadset remixes available from Beatport now.


Chuck said...

Man, Riva Starr is going places this year. I'm still getting over Thizzle to be honest.


si said...

I just heard Thizzle! It is sick.

Big tings!