Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Vintage Vocal.

Two wicked vocal melodic techno tracks.
The first is an old Laurent Garnier remix. I found it on the F Communications (his label) 1994-2006 Retrospective compilation. [buy] The second is a recent remix of Marshall Jefferson. The way this track builds in such a lush way is sick. Listen and let it get going and break over you.

Alex Attias 1000 leagues (Laurent Garnier's Wake Lab remix) [buy] zsh
Marshal Jefferson v Noose Heads Mushrooms (Justin Martin remix) [buy] zsh

I've been in two minds about the Marshall Jefferson vocal. Both vocals walk a tightrope of taste! On first listen I was thinking (especially the MJ track) "are the vocals cheesy"? It would be easy to be judgemental or too cool about these things but actually both are far from it, fresh and uncontrived. The LG remix especially is so well executed. It helps that you can feel the weight both artists carry as spiritual godfathers of electronic music. Effortlessly good the tracks (and vocals) stand up as great feel good techno.

Let me know what you think.

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