Saturday, 17 November 2007

Mathew Jonson.

I never posted up any tracks from Cobblestone Jazz from the night I saw them in Tokyo, so I thought I would put a couple up.

Cobblestone Jazz Dump Truck (Sample)
Cybotron Clear (Cobblestone Jazz remix)

So that's Mathew Jonson's more recent work but I prefer his older records. The recorded Cobblestone Jazz tracks don't really move me that much. However, his older solo output I love. Pure seminal techno. The track Marionette (released in 2005) is epic. It is the climax on an old Sven Vath mix (Sound of the Sixth Season). Rising and falling, rising and falling.

Mathew Jonson Marrionette*
*ripped from the mix. Highly recommended.

And then there is Decompression (2004). It features bass from another planet!
Mathew Jonson Decompression

Some serious tech.yes.
Let me know what you think.

Buy all these tracks there.

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