Thursday, 8 November 2007

Why Not.

Alter Ego's new album Why Not?! was released mid way through October. This is their first LP release since Transphormer. The one that featured Rocker and came out in 2005. Its good to see that since then they haven't started taking themselves too seriously.

As we have seen from recent Alter Ego tracks such as the Alter Ego & Ghost Writers - Ghost Musick they can produce at one end of the spectrum banging bloghouse tracks. The farting bass line from 'Fuckingham Place' sounds like a Sinden production and the 8-bit synth lines on 'Jolly Joker' and 'Chicken Shag' are both crying out Switch. At the other end of their spectrum 'Blank', 'Pleasure Island' and 'Exile on Bleep Street' are bleaker louder harsher techno tracks. Loud and obnoxious and at the same time still (especially EoBS) retaining that humour. The album outro 'Welcome to Germany' takes the piss!

Its difficult, no no I'd say its impossible, to listen to the whole album in one sitting. Its just way too much. Way too much. It is just an album of peak set killers. Over to Sven (below)...

My favourite tracks are the awesome 'Why Not?' and fat rising synth track 'Gary'. Loving the Joakim remix of the 'Why Not?' as well.

Alter Ego Gary
Alter Ego Why Not?! (Joakim remix)
Alter Ego & Ghost Writer Ghost Musick (Baltimore remix)

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