Friday, 9 November 2007

Tokyo. August.


Guns n Bombs
(Kitsune) @ Womb (
27th August 2007).

Womb is a hidden cathedral, barely visible from the street. Its Tokyo’s most well known club and what everyone talks about it who’s been to Tokyo.

Dork fact - The installation of the Phazon sound system was infamously overseen by the sound designer from New York institution Twilo. He did a good job.

Going up the stairs and into the main room is sick. There is a super high ceiling and super massive disco ball. The night I was there Kitsune’s Guns n Bombs were tearing up the best new wave and the crowd were going ape shit. It wasn’t just every well known track every half an hour people would get up a little, it was every single break down of every single track the crowd were loosing it. Loosing the plot and screaming! Giving credit GnB were relentless, quickly welding track into track into track layering vocals, basslines and synths beautifully! It didn’t wear out the crowd. Check the video. Big soundsystem, big sound, stupid energy. The crowd were cool as well, really friendly and surprisingly well dressed for the way they were going for it.

Who knows what happened towards the end. In an attempt to keep up I had drunk myself silly. By the time we left at 5 there were still hundreds of people queuing to get in. Ears bleeding, eyes blinded by the sun, trying to communicate with my buddies I was screaming as I left the front door. A bouncer quickly pounced.

“Vhisper, people sleeping”.


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