Thursday, 15 November 2007


The first Prescription post here. So The Prescription will bring out the more mellow cuts. Sunday afternoon listening. The antidote to those relentless bass kick drum bangs to the head.

TOP 3 Prescription tracks from the rather make-shift 2006 broadcast were
Sebastian Tellier La Ritornelle
Air Sexy Boy (Etienne De Crecy et Les Flower Pistols remix)
Fluir You & I (Trentemoller Free Dub)


So on to newer finds and this next track I located on Paper Thin Walls. The reviewer described it as a fine slice of "IFM". Intelligent Fuck Music. Can't really say any fairer than that. Released on Ghostly International. Shifting, slowed up, freezing warm electronica.
Kiln Fyrepond

I stole the next track from my good friends at Plastic Cowboys. Chuck posted this up last week. Its output from an artist called Milanese on Warp and has a similar (if not more static darker) IFM vibe. Cheers for this track boys.
Milanese Cowboy

Staying on Warp and IFM (and another from the broadcast that nobody heard). This old track from Andrew Weatherall's Two Lone Swordsmen is fairly restorative. "It [any release from his 'Rotter Golf Club' label] should sound human, uncontrived and raw."*
Two Lone Swordsmen The Bunker

Andrew Weatherall has actually just started writing a blog, which should make for interesting reading. Also this vintage interview from 1992 also popped up on the Resident Advisor Feed recently. When blogs were Fanzines and the Manic Street Preachers were good. Heres hoping there's more in the acid house pioneer yet (apart from the new Basics residency - stepping up in the light of Paul Woolford steeping down).

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