Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hot Chip.

A few incredible remixes from Hot Chip.

Chungking Voodoo [Hot Chip remix]
Insanely beautiful vocal. Turn it up loud.
Highly highly recommended. Buy it here

The Chap Woop Woop [Hot Chip remix]
Deep, dark, chugging (well a bit faster than chugging), bubbling.

Junior Boys In The Morning [Hot Chip remix]
Spacey, driving bass when it kicks in, good vocal.

Matthew Dear Don & Sherri [Hot Chip remix]
You knows it! They've gone to work on Matthew Dear's new classic. I found this remix on the Booka Shade 'DJ Kicks' which is off the hook by the way, especially towards the end. Who would have thought they'd be fans of The Streets.

Music really does deserve spending hard earned cash on. These artists are all exceptional. Hot Chip are back on tour in the new year and you can buy that Booka Shade 'DJ Kicks' here and Matthew Dear 'Asa Breed' here.

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