Monday, 19 November 2007

Dolby Anol.

With a lot of shit home-made 'electro' out there Glasgee-heads Dolby Anol are refreshing. The boys have talent and their tracks carry an intensity many lack. From the "I'm gunna fuck your mum, your dad and your sister" on Bang! to the completely nonsensical mayhem on 'Groove n Move' their analogue records are chaotically uncontrived. Shiny bass drum lines, jerky vocal samples and plenty of astro sound FXs. Its annoying and its dark.

They already have remixes of The Gossip and Tronik Youth under their belt and have remixes for Chromeo, Shadow Dancer and Blende lined up.

Dolby Anol Bang!
Dobly Anol Groove and Move
Dolby Anol Sexy Jack
Tronik Youth We Are (Dolby Anol Tronik remix)

Check out their myspace for more tracks, then buy their debut Tiger Bass EP Dolby & Gabbana. And keep track. They definitely have not reached anywhere near their potential yet.

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