Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Podcast. ArePeopleReal.

I've been loving this fortnightly podcast released courtesy of The Broken Hookers. Apparently they "enjoy playing music to strangers, friends and lovers." Don't we all. But seriously its a good job these guys do. Their podcast is so well put together. In between the best indie and new wave their very own Broken Hookers mixes mash up a stupid array music. On top of that add a big up and comer guest DJ mix and sometimes if you're lucky another guest's mini track selection. All this with an upper class robot narrating the show. ArePeopleReal makes for great listening. The track selection is as tight as you'd like it and the artwork is pretty nice too.

So far they have had guest mixes from among others Duke Dumont, Kissy Sell Out, Casper C, Zombie Death Squad, Yuksek, Brodinski, Skull Juice and Ajax.

I really like the guest mix in episode 20 coming from Pilooski. Down tempo electronica and stripped down funk among other things, it sounds like its been mixed entirely from film scores. The continual sampled dialogues add to the illusion.

Best moment so far.
Check the end of ArePeopleReal 17 [Brodinski]

"...this is a northern coast, a viking coast, and the noise that drifted up was viking music, table thumping music..."

Spoken word into heavy dub step.
Rob Hindle Buenos Aires 2am (Read By Jonathan Tafler).
Skream Bahl Fwd.

Link to the podcast.

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